Requesting Permission for Importation

Importation of Temporary Suspended Essential Raw materials for production of goods for urgent credible confirmed export orders

    Online Submission of Application for Non BOI Exporters

    Please draw your attention for the followings prior to submission of the applications.

    • As per the prevailing regulations, the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) has been entrusted to recommend imports of essential raw-materials required by the Non-BOI exporters for processing confirmed export orders which have been temporary suspended to import listed out in the Schedule I in the Gazette No. 2171/5 dated 16/04/2020 on the request made by export enterprises on case by case basis.

    • Payments regarding the proposed importation in your application, should be proceeded after 90 days from the on-board date appearing in the Bill of Lading or Airway Bill. It should be clearly mentioned in the proforma invoice. The applications which are not adhered to the above cannot be considered for recommendation. For further clarifications please visit the following link please.

    • The applicant should certify that the export earnings pertaining to the confirmed order to be processed from the requested raw materials will be received by them within 60 days from the date of the BL

    • Value Addition – considering all imported raw materials of the export order should be minimum 35% of the FOB value.

    • Company to certify that the raw materials requested be imported cannot be sourced locally

    Reference Gazette Notification No: 2171/5 dated 16th April 2020, the list of items in Schedule 1 are under Temporary Suspension (TS) to alleviate the pressure on balance of payments.

    EDB has set up an online application submission facility for non-BOI exporters to facilitate the import of essential raw materials required for production of value added products for urgent credible confirmed export orders

    We will submit the recommendation for your imports to the Controller General of Import & Export Control with copies to the relevant institutions for approval electronically.

    You may contact the following EDB officers for further details:

  • Mr. Sanjewa Rathnasekera, Assistant Director – 071 8477760
  • Mr. Indrakeerthi SRP, Director Trade Facilitation – 071 4406119
  • Emails: with a copy to
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